Drugged And Driving Testo

Testo Drugged And Driving

It was a quarter to twelve and we were rocking
I put my money on the bar, I heard the devil knocking
We played some drinking games while the band was thrashing
And a fight broke out so we gave the place a trashing
When the cops showed up I had to eat all my drugs
A couple of the guys got the kiss their billy clubs
The rest of us got out through the basement door
I ran to the back and i dove into my car

We were drugged
Drugged and driving

We got away clean but I was feeling kind of strange
I just ate 25 speeders and I could feel the adrenaline
pumping through my veins like a burning fire straight to my brain
and then to tires of the car I was driving at sixty miles an hour
I stepped on the gas and went with the power
screaming like an angel of the devil
my friends are in the back and we're headed straight for hell

When you're on our roads you better keep on your toes
'cause we're gonna get you into our sights we're gonna track you down
'cause we're the demons of the underground caverns of lucifer
and when we get you under our hooves we'll trample you into the dirt
and tear your soul from your broken carcass and deliver it unto our lord