Fairytales And Cigarettes Testo

Testo Fairytales And Cigarettes

turn back these pages, let it go
everything so clearly gets back to blurry
before you know that fairytales and cigarettes
re-live the dreams, relieve the stress
wanted little time with a lonely girl just like you
with a social-dropout point of view
we sang our songs...the sing alongs
then a blank stare's given to pass time
we drove our cars just to unwind
dreams come true
lies are told with such hesitation
the lights go out
all I can think about is what goes on behind
your closed door

I'll kiss you, stranger!
I'll find my reasons, pointing fingers at you
to make myself feel better
let's start a fire, I will bring the matches
it will be an obvious tragic ending

you'll DIE, stranger!
you're just a carbon copy
you'll DIE, stranger!
you know you will this time

words can't speak why everything is a tragedy
in the first place
and I know that rain comes but once a week
so baby, bury me!
I'm on the run today...