Like Some Stories Testo

Testo Like Some Stories

it's all that you represent
insults become a compliment
I guess it's how it all begins
it's murder! a shock to the heart
when you're running but never getting far
this is how it all should end

and now you've got the nerve to say goodbye
it's like you struggle no matter how hard you try
and maybe we'll try again someday
(story of your life, plan it for yourself...)
or maybe not at all, I guess it all depends now
(...the truth is that you're going no where fast)
you just let it go

heartbreak is your middle name
you're beautiful but not the same
and I feel like I'm falling down
and when I fall I feel I can't get up again
(can't get up again)
so now we're back to where we once began

it's like the ending of a movie
where the girl he loves has run away from him
so where's the sequel to a new beginning?
where someone else takes him away

this story ends with a boy who's losing out