Eringzo Testo

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Testo Eringzo

Long and long ago he showed with knowledge of true fate
Tried to warn the native life before it was too late
Prinches was a tragedy, his duty as a crow
A problem quite familiar to the prophet Eringzo

Long and long ago
To these shores came my Phoenician crows

Dodger dogs scurry in a state of panatase
Telling all who'll listen "soon your lives will turn to waste"
No one saw their wisdom and their disbelief would grow
A question quite familiar to the prophet Eringzo

How did he know?
If we believe you
Where is it that we shall go?

Leaving once again a world of doom a change he gave
If the dog had a brain, precious life could have been saved
A tear in his eye, he waved goodbye, the future will soon show
Another mission has failed again
When will they hear you Eringzo

When will they know