Stand Up Testo

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Testo Stand Up

When we get the 81's we'll ship'em right to you
It's the American way it's the thing to do
I can take anything I want
The right to choose is always mine
I'm counting on you to stand up, stand up and strike
I'm counting on you, stand up...
I walk the streets I kill for fun
But I feel like I'm the only one
I'm counting on you, to stand up and strike
I'm counting on you
Stand up......and strike.....
We got the new catalog, it's got all the neat guns
We can trade 'em to you for all kinds goods
We wheat or some beds
We can get some sheets and we can get some stuff
And we'll send you all kinds of fire power
We'll let you fight our wars for us
And we won't see one stain of blood
Cuz you really think that this game's all set
Let the battle go on over there, I don't want to sweat