One Trick Pony Testo

Testo One Trick Pony

Standing with your head so high, you know they're talking about you
Bet you started to think it couldn't go on without you
Maybe things look different to me, maybe I don't know shit but I just can't see
How the world's such a boring place when it's spinning around you
Always looks so tragically hip, how can you stand it?
I see right through your disguise, you know I know that you planned it
Proving what I already know, dumber than a stick but you got cool clothes
Pretending that you worked so hard for the things you were handed
You're dropping names I don't want to know
Go to the shows just to flaunt your clothes
You're talking about places I'd never go
I'm just a person, you are the hipster
Don't understand it's like oil and water, why don't you leave me alone?
I know who you are and I'm gonna watch my back
Trying to look dissatisfied while controversy surrounds you
Always talking about yourself so people know they're below you
And then kissing ass for ass-kissing sake
Then go and complain that the world's so fake
Rebellion means much more than fucking thrift-store shoes
Saw you yesterday at a show and it seemed so funny, you thought you were
So in the know, always talking about the hipsters at your home
But we're all betting smokes you'll leave alone