I Want To Know Testo

Testo I Want To Know

Just got extreme or so it seemed
I left it clean, found a place to hide
I loved the place, I took up space
Forgot to pace and found myself outside
I want you to know

I left you there, I hid upstairs
I had to care 'cause you're the one I see
I looked around, I felt the ground
A soul not found was hard enough for me
I want you to know

Hey, did I let it go
Stay with me, tell me if it shows
I want you to know

I brought you there, I thought you'd care
Not to stare, but you just couldn't see
It's always you, it's always me
It's always hard for you to set it free
I want you to know

Hey, you're the one who'd know
Stay with me, I can't let it go
Hey, you put it in my head
Stay and see, you know what you said
I want you to know