See You Testo

Testo See You

hear me out
then you ride away
i don't doubt
it's what you meant to say
all in all
lets take a few things back
all my love
i'm about to crack

didn't see you for a while
didn't notice it for quite some time
see me off
gather all your stuff

not enough
but that's all we got
tell me why
when i'm giving in

it's alright
i still wanna friend
can you tell me where to be
do you know what this all means to me
the intentions hard to know
and i don't want what you just let go

i've gone overboard
can you reel me in
it's a lot to know
and i can't begin

had enough for what i knew
had enough to know that it's not true
hear me out
i'm about to fade
i've no doubt
meant that way
there's a place we don't wanna go
does it take like you oughta know

didn't see you for a while
i've been so wrapped up for quite some time
can you tell me who ill be
do you know what this all means to me

can you get me out
can you pull me through
if there's a doubt
it's what i gotta do