Work Dat Pussy Testo

Testo Work Dat Pussy

[Chorus 4X] Work dat pussy, work dat pussy All my bitches work dat pussy Work dat pussy, work dat pussy, all my bitches [Kurupt] Pussy makes teh world go 'round, knock that pussy up and down Get your money, get your cash, in and out, slow and fast (Fuck em right) Fuck em Daz, work that pussy, slap that ass (Oh) Put my dick right in her mouth, suck till all the nut come ouuutttt [Daz] This is what you need for hoes to get ill (ill) Move it in and out and give em what you will All the hoes wit the booty, stick my dick up in her coochie If the hoe get red I'll stick my dick up in her booty Know em that, give em that, know em this, show em that If the hoe wanna do me then the hoe know where I'm at [Chorus 4X]