Blinded Testo

Testo Blinded

I was trapped in my own prison cell
Couldn't get out any other way.
Every night I tried to find the key for
What's locked up inside of me.

When questions running through your head
No answers, everything is still left unsaid, still left unsaid.
How long will you ever pull through this?
How long will it take for me to relearn how to live?
Can we ever live again...

I've been controlled
And I had it all
But the only thing I've been longing for
Is the heart that I can't hold

Someone please pull my head out of the sand
I'm getting worried that I keep losing track
Running circles but it's all in my mind
So tell me why is my heart not dying inside

Looking back to months and months
Spent every single day
Trying to keep up, trying to fight,
Trying to get away.

Am I better off without you?

When I believed everything was working for me.
I was worn out, besieged by those who betrayed.

I was too blind to see, too scared to leave.
I was everything I never ever wanted to be.

With my head held high, I walked miles for nothing.
But still remembered, everything is worth something.

Every day seemed like it had to be
Put down, remembered in history.