Let It In Testo

Testo Let It In

I travelled a distance
My life is stuck at a crossroad
This time, it's starting to twist me
My life, believe me, won't stop running away

Your heartbeat is healing when I'm undone
I know that love alone won't be forever

There's something that I can't admit
I see you and I let it in
But I won't stay out
And I won't get down
You'll read it on your face
Cause now I'm changed

Faith, feels one in a million they say
Cause I walked the road that I paved
Distorting time and space
Try to absorb this pain
But it won't touch me it just fills with light

I can't stand on the edge
This life wasn't meant to be useless
Tonight I've been calling to say
"The light in the dark won't be far from me"

I see your thoughts still
And you're always there
But I found a new way out
Now follow your world and see
That love is an endless space

I see your thoughts still in every way
You found a new world just without me