Runaway Testo

Testo Runaway

It’s been a while since you and I
Said we’d take on the world for a ride
We’ve done it all backwards
Just stayed in line
We’ve learnt that you and I have two sides
It comes and goes and leaves no signs
I’ll pray to god if you end up fine

You can always hate, you can always feel me
You can tell the world I’m a lie but I’m finding
Back to myself, back to myself

It’s cold but I will swear to hold you tight
Just runaway with me, just runaway with me
I’ll drive if you will swear to be my light
Just runaway with me, just runaway with me

A week ago when I was lost
I found my head in the same old spot
I can’t control myself
How can I find whatever was lost?
How can you try when you feel so numb?
Or nothing at all? Or nothing at all

We’ve gone through hell, and we’ve been through it
We’ve seen it all before, never want to see it again
I don’t want to be, don’t want to be nobody else
I just want to find, just want to find myself

Let the world be against you and me
Let the world see, there’s you and me