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Testo Bedtime Story

The night fairy covers
The sky with stars,
[Aah aah]
An amethyst moon
Your bed with light embalms.
[Aah aah]
Let me tell you a story
Of a distant past.
[Aah aah]
Let me show you a secret
In which you have to trust.
[Aah aah]

Let me tell you a story
[Come hear my story]
From a far territory
[So far away]
Where the time stands still
Fairy tales are real.
Lie still and close.
Here the story goes�

Here is your bedtime story
[Your bedtime story]
Of a brave hero�s glory,
[A hero's tale]
Lost in dusty haze
My heroic days
Have been and gone,
But my story goes on.

I've travelled through years,
I've travelled through time.
[Aah aah]
To a magical world
Seen by no eyes but mine.
[Aah aah]
A world beyond reason,
no eye can perceive,
[Aah aah]
Where wonders can happen
As long as you believe