I Take It Back Testo

Testo I Take It Back

In the beginning everything was flowing naturally
Until my body built up immunity
Now I'm wishing I had seen it from the start
You've perfected the art of keeping me in the dark

You won't get too far that way
Tell me something 'bout the mask on your face.
Do you wear it 'cause your self-confidence was erased?

And I'm encouraging you to take a stand, but you're impossible
I think, back track, and realize that your story's over told, it's getting old
This time I'm taking it back because I can,
I'm fresh, unstoppable.
I think, backtrack, and realize if it were up to me I'd change the story line

I'm glad you're standing up on your own two feet
I would've bet that you'd be taking time that isn't yours or mine
By the end of the night the bottom line is
I've been dying to call you out for a while