The Sensible Thing Testo

Testo The Sensible Thing

I'd say it's still early on in the game,
And I'm already running away, ashamed to be afraid.
Wait, what about the things I had to say?
You can't just take it all away from me.

It's my life, so I decide.
There's no sign of compromise.
I swear I could've spun the world around while closing both my eyes
Close my eyes
But you failed to do the sensible thing
You just gave me away
Now no one's safe so please refrain from mentioning names
I can barely sustain
It was my mistake to emphasize material things
You can't take me away
I'm losing faith, I know it sounds completely insane,
But I'm inclined to obey
Just let me free,please, I'll do anything

The phone rings, I'm lying awake waiting for company
But the toll i pay is greater than I can take
The first and last time I let them put me in my place

I turned and ran from the flashing lights and thought I knew for sure
But all these hazy mirrors won't let me see what I want to see
Have I reached my goals?
Have I sold my soul?
It pays to be listening when you realize you can't speak anymore
Just let me free please I'll do any sensible thing.