Be So Bad Testo

Testo Be So Bad

I don?t mind to let the day go bywhen i?m sitting inside, sun is on the skybut I hate getting no reply,just the echo of me from the wallsall day long I?ve been by myselfwriting funky tunes, talking to no one elseI don?t know why this turns me onand I really, really need someoneI wanna be so bad, feeling someone else around me people say that I am so uptightwell, if that is true, I?m someone else tonightfeeling urges I can?t controll- I want you to be the first to knowsing ?bout love when it is not in sightI stay in all day and I stay up all nightI know what could make me feel alrightand I really, really; I need someone!like me! I wanna mean so much to you