I Want U 2 B With Me Testo

Testo I Want U 2 B With Me

when I get off the stageI?ve gIven what I?ve hadto give to anyoneI don?t feel good nor badI go back to my roomand don?t relate to anyonewhen I am on a planeto conquer all my dreamsand everything ?s okand I?m a lucky girlI see you in a cloudI don?t know what I?m doing hereI want you to be with mewhen I am in a placewhere everythIng is strangeand I?m just passing through and so goes day by dayI can?t keep track of namesand I just want to close my eyesand when I hit the notesthe way I?m suppposed to dothe band and I are hIghand nothing can go wrongI always think of youI wish that you could see me nowI want you to be with me?cause all I feel and seeI want you to see it too?cause what I know and doI want to share it wIth you