Red, I Don't Have Time For This Testo

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Testo Red, I Don't Have Time For This

This infested celebration that I run down California here I come. Do you really want to dance with me all night long I'm getting pretty tired? Save your breath make it last
And I'll get flowers to impress you. Rest because I'm getting pretty tired again.
I will be there on time so save the drama forget the makeup. Get on the floor light the ground on fire, I'm a roller coaster break my back to impress. And now ladies and gentleman! On the dance floor back and forth in the spot light dancing with you. Screaming at you have a good time. I know where I left you on the floor in the bed room. I really thought it was so messed up when she slapped you in the face. It made my night so perfect. Well I'll sail away to the end of the earth. Before I could get her to move off the chair, so move off the chair