Wonderful Wizard Of LSD Testo

Testo Wonderful Wizard Of LSD

She's my hot cup of tea. She's certainly overwhelming. An ice cube to calm you down then I'll come to calm you down. And the way I move to the table. Like a dirty beast with style, cash, eating the world. One by one, Like a fucking case of the cold. Eating the world like a bad fucking case of the cold she likes my slender size, its all in the way I move, my stomach won't hold food when I spill my guts to pay my dues. What? Oh fuck and not a spec of light is showing, so the danger must be growing, all the fires in hell are blowing, is the grizzly reaper, mowing? Yea the danger must be growing because the rowers keep on rowing and they certainly are not showing any sign that they are slowing.
Get to your boat, to the shore line, my lover said to obey her, my lover said she's the Weight on my back. Lets not and say we did, keep your fingers out of your mouth, and I Think we are running out of time for the price I bid. I think you're looking quite amusing tonight