LeanOnYou Testo

Testo LeanOnYou


Go, go, go
Baby, I'm leaning
Baby, I'm leaning
Baby, I'm leaning (Go, go)
Baby, I'm leaning (Go, go)
Baby, I'm leaning (Go, go, uh)
Nigga, I lean on you (Oh)
Nigga, I lean on you (Oh my God, go)

She wanna lean right on me
That Wockhardt shit so damn sweet
She say I'm cool, nigga, and I'm sweet
I'm just a cool nigga from the streets
I'm bored, nigga, who got the wheels?
Killed a nigga, now he think he real
She tellin' me her problems, I ain't Dr. Phil
Glock 26, look like Stuart Little
Can't even shoot, yo gun too little
We all can't fit, yo car too little
Send a fyed nigga to the hospital
Smokin' gelato and Skittles
Beat a nigga out his pull-outs, where yo grills at?
I'm in the hood, nigga, where the Thrills at?
I catch me a opp, nigga, I'ma grill that
Smokin' on medication, I can feel that
My head fucked up, where the feel at?
So we can bring out them damn Macs
You look like 6ix9ine, a damn rat
She sent me nudes, three pictures attached
Damn, damn, damn
You would've thought that I scammed
Beamer car, nigga, this ain't no Ram
I'm fuckin' a hood bitch, she got a soft voice
Dropped outta school, bitch, it was my choice
Hi-Tech and Wock, that's my choice
I'm in a Beamer car, not a Rolls Royce
Nigga tried me, must wanna go
Yo bitch love that [?] (Go, go, go, go)
Keep that 30 round, and it's on me, hoe
Like a stripper bitch, man, I keep the pole
Stick on me, keep a North Pole
Lean on me, in a Faygo
I'm 17 with say-so
I'm 17 wit' a lot of pesos
I'm in the hood, pouring up a fo'
I'm in the hood, throwing a big ass four
I'm sippin' on drank, nigga, 'til I throw up
Fuck wit' me, bitch, you gon' glo up
I'm being for real, I ain't talkin' bout Sosa
Bitch, stop calling my name
Fuck that shit, man, roll up a strain
Fuck that shit, man, roll up my pain
I'm a hood nigga, still smoke a gang
I'm a young nigga, still in the game
And I know niggas gon' hate
My plug, he British and he say "mate"
ATL, nigga, I'ma skate if I see the Jakes, niggas be so fake, niggas be so lame though
Push up on yo gang though
Choppa hittin' all y'all
I don't wear knock offs
That bitch ugly, now I'm soft
Trap it out, trap it out in the loft
Real nigga, and you not at all

Go, go, go
Baby, I'm leaning
Baby, I'm leaning (Go, go)
Baby, I'm leaning (Go, go)
Baby, I'm leaning (Go, go, uh)
Baby, I'm leaning
Nigga, I lean on you (Uh, go)
Nigga, I lean on you (Uh, go)
Oh my God, go