Nobody Testo

Testo Nobody

And put it in value mode
And then tell it your count in 20s
What's that damn savage up to now?

High in a free form
Braids in, ain't no freeform
Fuckin' yo bitch cause I got bored
I was too high, missed the Carti tour
I be rockin' designer, I be rockin' Dior
You say you wit' the shit, but I'm not sure
Rich nigga shit, nigga, I'm not poor
Real nigga, man, I'm opening doors
Glock on me, yeah, I'm keeping a sword
I'm a real nigga, man, I need an award
On the Southside, and I'm throwing a four
I got Hi-Tec fallin' in my pores
I'm with the gang, we the Kids Next Door
Juggin' niggas, I'm the motherfuckin' lord
Big Glock on me, turn it to a pack
Choppa choppin' shit, [?]
Flexin' hard, they not liking that
Sippin' fake drank? You gon' have a heart attack
I'm O-Dog, how I'm keeping a Mac
I'm getting too much money, they can't stay on track
Spin yo block, we gon' twirl
Three bitches, yeah, Powerpuff Girls
You can fuck that bitch, that's not my girl
When I shoot the Glock, I'm like, "Thatta girl"
How you smoking woods and you cannot pearl?
I'm high as fuck, I'm outta this world
I got braids in my hair, ain't no Jheri curls
Bad bitch, and her hair got the curls
Smokin' dope, smokin' Teen Titans
Y'all niggas bitches, y'all whole team biting
Glock on me, what the fuck is fighting?
I'm finessing niggas, like "Scam Likely"
Nigga, am I high? Nigga, most likely
All this money on me, that's why these bitches like me
Thot bitch, and she look like Tiny
Big bankroll, and yo' pockets tiny
Broke as hell, but you steady whining
I'm in the kitchen, but I'm not frying
I'm high as hell, feel like I'm mountain climbing
Chains cold as hell, it could change the climate
Feel like Wiz Khalifa, cause I'm smoking chronic
I'm gettin' money, that's alright
I'm trappin' out this electronic
See-See 12, then I turn into Sonic
Sippin' too much lean, so I had to vomit
We some young niggas, we do what we want
And them hollow tips hot like a sauna
And you smokin' mid, smokin' bad marijuana

Percs, narcotics
Weed, lean, everything, I got it
Glock on me, I ain't shooting with no shotty
Them hollow tips fuckin' up his body
Too many guns when we ridin' in the 'Rari
The beat finna end y'all, man, I'm sorry
Kicked her out, I told her I'm sorry
I keep a gun, I can't trust nobody