Sideways Testo

Testo Sideways

Yeah, yeah
Ooh, ooh

Put me on a stage
Anywhere, anytime, any state
Guarantee I'll leave that bitch flatlined
I’d love to see the look on they face
And please, excuse my temper
But I'm all the way fed up
With everybody always making the same song
My homie told me I'm the hardest out, and he ain’t wrong
Waiting for the day I come and take what they aim for
Leaning on your Spotify streams as a scapegoat
But then you touch the stage and nobody know your name so you panickin'
That's only one of many other things you abandonin'
But a vet like me know how to handle it
Been there a dozen-dozen times, still managin'
I just hope you not confusing the message
All those numbers, you could use 'em for leverage
Come and see me in five
Whatever it is you need, I'm your guy
I'm just hopin’ that they always know why
And how I’m doing more than all these people that been ducking on my texts (Oh no)
They gon' learn how to show me some respect

Coming at me sideways
Just give it to me straight, I don’t wanna wait (Uh)
Coming at me sideways
Never say it to my face, we are not the same (Yeah)
Coming at me sideways
Coming at me sideways
Coming at me sideways
Coming at me sideways
Oh no

I'm really on some other shit
I ain't here to stunt 'em only, and I’m running it
I'd still be doing this if it was for the fun of it
They can't believe it, I seemed like I hit another lick
Looking back and it's crazy 'cause even I admit
It took me years to get here and be good at this
Good thing I'm better than everyone, know I'ma never quit
Been independent this long, how you already whipped?
But I'm already with the team I need
I'm eating a beat, easily standing up on my feet
I'm feedin' the team, takin' the shot, I gotta believe
You all lookin' weak, don't come to me if you wantin' beef (Uh)
I'm making peace with everybody I meet
But I'm a dog, don't let me off of the leash

So don't be coming at me sideways (Sideways)
I've been at the lab for five days (Five days)
Get into the back for a five-ways (Five-ways)
Young boy cutting tracks since like MySpace, ooh, look what time made (Time made, yeah)
Double up the profit with the squad, that's a fact
"Do that every twelve months" bar, no cap
Your 2020, all I see is gross
I might throw up once my glow-up, I'm the GOAT
Gettin' close to my final form
Go check my catalog
I bet if we checking yours, we won't be at it long, yeah
Buddy-buddy 'til they case blew up, uh
They don't like me, I'm a straight shooter that's

Just give it to me straight, I don't wanna wait (Uh)
Coming at me sideways
Never say it to my face, we are not the same (Yeah)
Coming at me sideways

Yeah, all y'all "copy them chains" families
Go hide under a rock
Matter of fact is, go kill these motherfuckers!