Victim Testo

Testo Victim

No, I don't ever play
Play the victim, ooh

Here to build the dynasty
It's like they are watching every move now
Safe to say I threw away my privacy
I planned on staying sober, but it's fuck it
I might even smoke a little something just for Bucket 'cause he loved it
Man, I know I got his angel flying over my head
Chasing money, man, you still rolled over in bed
You don't see the issue, huh?
Exactly, that's the problem
Watch these labels sign these kids then they turn around and rob 'em
Trust issues, wonder why I don't fuck with you
Talking bad behind your back, man, they was just with you
That's unfortunate, I guess that's just the world that we in
Publications feeding off a controversy again
I'm about to start a riot
Monetize it, watch the profit rise
Ignore all the civilians that sent us in and caught us
What the fuck is wrong with you? (Fuck is wrong with you?)
It doesn't matter what you sing these days, long as they sing along with you (They sing along with you)
Watchin' way too many people follow a trend
And it's shit they don't believe in, they just follow their friends
Bravo, wow
We just need some common ground
Once I start to snap, ain't no one can calm me down
I've been running free, I had to set my own chains loose
My whole brain moves differently than dudes
Don't confuse me with fools
This ain't my operation
Matter fact, that's a whole different conversation (Whole different conversation)
We just do a bunch of shit I don't expect you to get
So take notes, dawg, 'cause you could learn a lesson from this, ay

Wait! Wait!
This man got his fit on y'all throats
Y'all ain't got the juice
We's coming for all y'all next, 2019

Play the victim, ooh
I think that you should play

Yeah, yeah
Okay, I got this shit
I'm trying to make sure that my pocket's thick
I keep on dropping 'til I'm poppin' and we profit quick
And off them like, my baby, you're Stojaković
A young king, Doug Christie with the flow
I alley-oop it to myself and push the break, I give and go
Seen the hook and rapped the verse
I shine in both, and that's for sure
Tryna be Cuban with the dough and Shaq O'Neal up on the post
Shout out to my engineer, I'm making magic on my own
Recycled bars from four years ago, the real ones know 'em
I had to let some oldies off of those who chose to show off
Feel like I'm spittin' wine, 'cause I choose never to partake
But somehow I still get better with time
Plus I started in the cellar, now I'm sellin'
Making all these laps around the atlas
I know rappers that are jealous
The fruit got the sweetest juice when you plant the seed
I'm hula-hooping around the hoopla, I just do the deed
Keep the flex? I'd rather keep the guac and keep it G
G for great at what I do and give 'em what they need, yeah
All my peers, I hope you shaking your boots
'Cause you worried 'bout a wraith with no roof
I'm more concerned with the truth, I'm done paying my dues
I'm prayin' that we never trade in our shoes, 'cause I would hate to be you
Valuin' a bunch of shit, you know I'm outta soon
You should spend the time you flex to fix your attitude
Know I'm no role model myself, but at least I never had no problems asking for help
I've always played what I'm dealt

No, I don't ever play
Play the victim, ooh
I think that you should play