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Testo Everything I Love

Educated by drama, innovated persona,
To all the material girls simulating my dollar
Give them Dolce Gabana, turn their souls to sanas
I make them high the white paper, easy wait up, need that
Mamcita, be my hustler, a diva,
My flow giving kind of lingers to the feeling kind of lingers
And this shit is bout a mina added to blue
Thinking new news, know I beat it, too
Just happen in tune, bitch I mean the best but you’re staying with the who’s who
Fuck it in request, I read this in a message
Like fade I don’t mention no side effects of confessing
I ain’t saying nothing, my sin is an urban essence
And my line imerking a verbal weapon.
To really reckon every record by my way
By the way I just stepped in.
So don’t have me bitter haters, just blast in
Breaking news, matter of fact, just in
New drug name E, young ingest him
And they feel lava, get their ass fired up.
Know they can make it in a trap like a gava
Know they can last on any land like survivor.
Bitch, I’m piff, every instrumental my blunt,
I crush like when Charles Hemil got punched.
Versatile like a subject, do not touch
Take it to hundred while other niggers cock suck
Way up to the top, their face clear top
I remain in the limelight, same conceided
But it’s whiling cause I don’t need it
Do your thing, hater, go and take it,
Try to figure how many hoes I treated wrong
Easily won, steaded on and then leaded be a foam
Never turned out a passion be an off
Me I’m wrong but like every night I get it right
For most of them is rap but for me is life.
I know a nigger try still progressing on
You feel my strive, turn on the stereo
If you feel my pain I know you love my style
Haters wanna get up, players wanna get down
It ain’t bout the change and I ain’t got the time
Reverse, that’s another thing I love
It’s all for the fame, I work as a cam
If you don’t like it or love it, this is what I am.
The whole hood love me, cause they know what I say
All this, is everything I love.
Half of me daydreaming, half of me interested
Half of me stay at home, other half live on bridge
I don’t give a fuck, though, long as I am on mixtape
Just run through my period, it benefits
Space bomb represent the fix
For the Gs and the things that please in the industry
Late raps got them on disease that they’re interested
More than become a sort of disease they’re afflicted with
It came a tender with these couple send it all
Friction style, all I need is my signature
EA entertainment’s answer.
To another slip and my day be bad enough
Listen go and think this all more important
I think you might join you’re a dumb type corry
Chosen one, these lambs could afford him
Inside the run I deserve a bigger portion.
More shit so cheers for success
Cheers to the grind so I guess to progress
Cheers to them controlled by fears they have left
Cheers to the girl with the rear killing that dress
But she ain’t home dumb late,
But still put a whole dumb player at the church any given Sunday
She was waiting for the by
Now she’s sitting here and easily got say that I been trying
I see we all got our motivation,
And it’s so amazing, let’s get high, jerry rolling, baby.
I guess I’m all like graving
Cause I got more will from my father, jayin
Yeah, heard my papa was a shooter
So I learned about the maneuver
And I rose like jay lean
Cheers to be different, never be seeming
Just my defences that money can give
You should just let it be, cause I ain’t letting off
They say I like it sweet, better than better bro
Cheers my poor pip, see how I let it on
Is the religion and you boys looking secular.
Heard when I said it, bro
Fly the religion and you boys looking secular.
I hope you feel my pain, I know you love my style
Ladies want to get up, players want to get down
If ain’t about the change than I ain’t got the time
Never frost, that’s on everything I love.
It’s all for the fame, I browl cause I can
You ain’t like it, learn to love it, this is what I am.
The whole hood love me cause they know what I’m saying
A dose, that’s on everything I love.