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Testo Letter Of Intent

So I’m leaving,
No worry, mama, I’ll be cool.
Your son live in a dream,
Imma make you proud and graduate from school,
Promise I mean it like this song,
The sun gonna shine when the lights go off.
Got places to go, big things to see,
Lord knows this hood ain’t enough for me.
Feeling like I’m chosen.
This for them Gs skipping class, running suicides,
They say they did and they contemplate suicide
But never wanting them, all they trying to do was job,
Brought them to religion, thinking what this gotta do with God?
God, God, this is my letter of intent,
Conditions sent through air, I just sit here trying to vent
I don’t need to compare, all I need is a win
And get accepted like my college application.
More than entertainment is elevation
Other mind so in time you were never wasted
Tell them I don’t need a handout, only opportunities,
Cause truly standing out is nothing new to me.
Progression is where you’re heading, never what you used to be,
Which means I got more wings like the two and three
And fly, young eagle fly away,
This music is scholarship, you ain’t even got to pay.
Game in, I’m deep, cause it’s the shit I got to say
Ain’t filthy in my vibe, I could really not relate.
Some of my closest friends is proper to estate,
She ain’t need to go on like you kill an homie, yey.
This is the message that I send to you,
Sincerely yours, then my signature.
This is the letter that I’m sending you,
Sincerely yours.
This for the youngers that wanna say I’m dope
Cause the boys beat to fly said the teachers been a joke.
Pulling up to the school in the hoodie, looking broke,
Trying to tell us that we’ll never be shit,
But we’re in the same boat, I don’t get the logic, what’s the world problem?
When the lights are pissed to the third power
This when it’s real time like Bill Mauer,
Life was made to be sweet, why it’s still sour?
Let’s take the good with the bad,
Dealers and preachers are the only ones stay in hood with the Js
Had to search for some innocent to go to class
If I borrow, the girl in third period just might give me some ass.
I know it’s looking like a long shot
My three point rage ain’t got me on top zone
One day they all gonna be on diet,
Once they see I’m heavy all up in the Chevy.
It’s my shot, imma live my dream, promise I will not stop.
And mama, don’t cry,
You worked so hard to get your son here,
And if you thought me anything, better one feel.
Free to be different, free to be self,
A rich man’s woman, knowledge happiness in this helper
Is life temporary, thanks to you paying rent,
War visionary, this is my letter of intent.
This is my letter of intent.