Nowhere Road Testo

Testo Nowhere Road

There's a road, in Oklahoma

Straighter than a preacher

Longer than a memory

And it goes, forever onward

Been a good teacher
For a lot of country boys like me

I push that load from here to someday

I'll push as long as I'm alive, but I don't know how long I'll last

'Cause it's just a road, it ain't no highway

I'm blowin' by the double five

I know I'm going way too fast

I been down this road just searching' for the end

It don't go nowhere, it just brings you back again

Leaves you lonely and cold, standin' on the shoulder
But you've come too far to go back home

So you're walkin' on a nowhere road

Some folks say, if you keep rollin'

And keep it on the yellow line

It'll take you on the big highway

But there's a toll to pay, if you're going

The keeper of the gate is blind

So you better be prepared to pay