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Testo Day To Day

(Day to day)

I learned life's most valuable lessons, remain to the essence
Smoke depression and bring aggression to the studio session
I'm catchin the youth, while the fake thugs stretchin the truth
Faggots out of the booth, out of the loop, convicted without proof
Focus on the road but at home I zone
Don't got beef with these labels cause we own our own
We take chances with no promotions or advances
We need nothin to enhance us, not videos and dancers
Test the skills, go back and check the answers
And how I stay writin, how my thugs stay fightin
How I stay in the 'Bury and Supreme stay in Brighton
And I still enlighten
Starin at me like starin down a barrel
How the nicest MC get overshadowed
I don't know, if I don't flow, the sun don't shine
And the grass don't grow, whether fast or slow
Get dough, never ask for dough, yo

We livin life day to day
Surrounded by sheisty trife individuals
Killers and criminals
Watch your back, think fast
Every thought could be your last
If these guns go blast

Hey yo, I'm nocturnal, rock and burn you late night
Ten year vet who stay tight, no stage fright if the pay's right
You got a team now who wanna playwright
And bring excitement to the game
You niggas wanna rap or you niggas wanna blaze
Nobody wanna work, everybody want a raise
When the money come the money stays
Fuck the world and its ugly ways
That was back in my Dudley days
And we gon' separate the boys from the men
The foes from the friends, the Hennessy from the gin
We official, y'all rappers ain't even a issue
Last word, ask if you ain't heard
Whether it's introverted or extroverted
You heard the way I word it
Regardless, dog, the track gets murdered
Blacks get murdered and whites get killed
This'll be the penalty when blood is spilled
I never brag I'm a star
I love Boston, but you'll never see an American flag on my car