Rise & Shine Testo

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Testo Rise & Shine

I'm askin Bush about restitution
Till then we execute the execution
With pressing and distribution
Throw the fist for revolution
With revolution producin
I evolved in your evolution
And I'm involved in your forever losin
A problem with no solution
In a critical state, my state is critical
We live as a team or we die as individuals
A lot unoriginal, analog or digital
Get it done in the physical, everyday ritual
With food for thought that'll get you full
For hip-hop habitual
Surrounded by criminals
At different times and different intervals
The fake ones I hate ones
Yo, I validate sum when they allocate funds
Roll legit with your legalized guns like they do
Ice your charms, you got the right to bear arms

[DJ Revolution cuts up]
(It's time to take matters in our hands)
[Inspectah Deck] (So uplift the mind, rise and shine)

[AG] (So let's all get ours and stop tryin to get yours)

You'se the type we used to send to the store on a beer run
You want a new asshole, nigga, I'ma tear one
I shoot a fair one, drive to the hole and get a And1
On any day, a three point play
Now we gon' riot not march cause the game's up a notch
I don't rhyme about a watch or rocks or straight shots of scotch
Lots of trees, takin care of the seeds
To get to the grass I had to shift through the weeds
Shiftin my steez above the 33rd degrees
Hotter than the 100 degrees in the sun with no breeze
My ability wouldn't allow me to go out willingly
I'm a asset, not a liability
Bitches be eye-fuckin, hope I die fuckin
Why you livin your life if you ain't livin for nothin
If I point at you with my point of view
I'ma show you what the power of the pen can do