Beyond The Icy Rings Of Saturn Testo

Testo Beyond The Icy Rings Of Saturn

Will only comets fly beyond the moons of Mars?
And only dust sail the cosmic breeze?
Will war destroy us all and send us among the stars
Before we learn their mysteries?

The hours approach for the final decision
In the plans for the total war there can be no revision
The missiles are poised with fatal precision
If they hit not a living thing will ever have the Vision
Do only madmen dream of peace for all mankind?
And only fools reach for stars?
How can the human race become completely blind
To all its war-crimes and battle-scars?
They need to be healed of the shock and the sorrow
Put away every sword and shield 'cause our lifetime is borrowed
Lift your head to the sky - hear the star-clusters sing
To all the children of the universe a song that sings...
beyond the icy rings of Saturn we'll step across
the threshold of infinity