Corinna Testo

Testo Corinna

Corinna my old friend
I've got no more ears for you to bend
Or hands to lend
So put out your cigarette end
I've got no more time to spend
With you Corinna my friend
Hey babe
We had the wildest time
Nobody in the world could be more pleased than I'm
But now I hear the clock
I hear it start to chime
The joke is over but just in time

Corinna this is it hey babe
It's time to pack your make-up kit
This is it it is time to quit
So get your last cigarette lit
And just sit and listen for a bit
'cause Corinna this is it

it's been a lot of fun
a lot of laughs and lots of fun for everyone
but now I really think it's time for you to run
the joke is over and the flame is gone

Corinna don't be mean please
Corinna let's not make this a messy scene
I mean don't you think I haven't seen
We both know where you've been...
So leave and keep it clean please Corinna

It's been a grand affair
In fact it made me think that there was something there
But now I see you yawning in your chair
Corinna are you really there?
Are you there baby?