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Testo At That Moment

I drove past you're town today
Though I never left the motorway

When I saw the sign
When I saw the sign
I thought about you

And I found myself so near
To someone that I hold so dear
But I was strong enough to steer
I was strong enough to steer
Around you

If I took the turn off for your town
Wouldn?t be that hard to track you down
Or to think of an excuse
For me to be there
I could call you first let you make the choice
Would it be enough just to hear your voice
Or should I just arrive
And surprise you

When I drove past your town today
I recalled all the things that you used to say
And I wondered why I never had
An answer
When you said it was me that could not cope
and I'd never trade comfort for hope
Then I did
I could see I scared you

No but I'd never ask
We both know that I've got too much class

When I saw the sign
When I saw the sign
I thought about you

Did you feel something near
Something familiar, something so Dear
Something strange at the end of the day
That took your thought patterns and swept them away
Did you look out the window to the outskirts of town
Where there?s only a road and the Sun going down
Did that Sun blind your eyes so that you could not see
Life passing you by at illegal speeds
Did you remember something you weren?t brave enough to do
Well right at that moment
I thought about you