Song 4 the tempted Testo

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Testo Song 4 the tempted

I was thinking about the devil
when he tapped me on the head
he was dressed like Jimmy Cagney
and he wasn?t even red
then Jesus came towards me and asked me for
a cigarette
and here?s what he said

he said be careful what you wish for
or it won't ever come true
and if it does you will believe
that it's entirely down to you
I said that is very interesting
but can I light that cigarette for you
he said listen it's true

he said hold back the fire
he coughed and he wheezed
he said why is everybody talking to me on their knees
he said the thing I like about you
is that you?ve never ever asked me please
do you have some disease
I said well each and everyone of us
has a light that shines inside
that sometimes can get damaged
and has a tendency to hide
and the thing that you are selling
is just our personality
to feel guilty when free
just then Satan said I'm leaving
I don't like what?s in his head
it feels just like home
and he isn?t even dead
it's all runny eggs and strangers
white lines and unmade beds
and that?s when I said

I said hold back the fire
excuse me please
I said you won't ever fool the likes
of Mr Spoons and me
you know we?ve seen it all before
on technicolour DVD
do you know what I mean
we said hold back the fire
he coughed and he wheezed
he said from on high how am I supposed to see
the things that happen every day to Mr Spoons and me