Hour Of Deepest Need Testo

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Testo Hour Of Deepest Need

I think it’s time you brought your face
Across the railroad to my place
I can’t share this whiskey with ya through the phone

And if we drink enough of it
You might just get me to admit
That I never knew quite how to be alone

We can sit on my back steps
And intertwine our fingertips
While you talk about the nice things that you once had

And if the turntable still starts
You can teach me how to waltz
And I’ll teach ya how to feel really, really bad

Sometimes the wound hurts powerful indeed
But sometimes you just got to let that sucker bleed
And when the sun drags in the day
Will you be a thousand miles away
In the hour of my deepest need?

Well they pile up around you
The good and evil things to do
And the piles grow up higher with every breath

When you’re down between two mountains
And you’re 28 and counting
That's the valley of the shadow of death

We can watch the silver moon
And I’ll fall asleep too soon
While the porch light draws the horse flies to their fate

Yeah, sometimes your company
Is just the thing to comfort me
But other times all I can do is just sit and wait