Watch You Go By Testo

Testo Watch You Go By

It's fine being drunk on the weekend
But it's finer being drunk all week
I feel good
I feel bad
I don't know
I miss my mom and my dad
And I see hellfire in your rosy cheek

I watch you go by
And I watch you. (x2)
I watch you go by
And I watch you now

I'm gonna get old so god damn fast
Pass me that bottle with the XXX
And I've got a bright future in music
As long as I never find true happiness


Run, run

I think I finally found my home
Here in the downtown sidewalk, on my own
And I can't tell music from heaven
From music from hell
But I guess I'll find out before too long

This life is a fever dream
You can kick
Honey, you can scream
I just put up my feet and I drink all day

And I can see your destiny:
To lay down in the grave right next to me
Put your head on my shoulder, it'll be OK
But for now: