I Still Cry Testo

Testo I Still Cry

Once upon a time
I heard a perfect rhyme
Calling for a game
I was a lonely boy
Hab to find my joy
Stole a pair of wings to try
Then a light that i saw in a dream world
came along made my voice into a pearl
And my soul got free from the chans

Go around the sun forever
Riding on the winds of gold, I fly
Found a road that never
Fades away with every rain, there is no pain...
but I still cry

People called me names
Now I am in their frames
A picture on the wall
I smile
To the moon, as it fell into my arms
To the night with a spell and a few charms
To the stars that kiss me I say


Do you realize that every day
I close my eyes, I fall and I pray
Over again I bet and I play, oh yeah
Now that I know my on and my off
Why do I glow, it's alls from above
All that I feel what I am made of is love