Perfect Testo

Testo Perfect

Standing, in the doorway
Is the most perfect little thing I'v ever known
But she's crying ,letting it all out
So frustrated by the things she can't control

And from the moment that she wakes in the morning
Till the stars are coming out at night
So immaculately dressed, never fails to do her best
But this fire that burns is never satisfied
You can be way up high but it's not so far to fall
It's all these imperfections, kepp my coming back for more
Don't be so hard on yourself,all you can do is try
Baby wipe away the tear that's in your eye
Who needs to be perfect, who wants to be perfect

("Not I-2nd chorus only)

Racing,always chasing
Just slow down and breathe it in then let it go
There's no hurry, we got all night
Cos you say it is doesn't make it so

I know that someday's they go on forever
And there's nothing you can do to make it right
But when it gets too much to bear
Just know that I'll be there
With a love that's as plain as black and white

Turn around and take a walk down
The boulevard of broken dreams
The closer we get the further away they seem
We're stranded, we're all hopeless
We're ships lost out at sea
Who needs to be perfect, who wants to be perfect
Not I, not I, not I