Northerne Wynd Testo

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Testo Northerne Wynd

Ichot a burde in boure bryht
That fully semly is on syht
Menskful maiden of myht
Feir ant fre to fonde
In al this wurhliche won
A burde of blod ant of bon
Never yete y nuste non
Lussomore in londe

Blow northerne wynd
Send thou me my suetyng
Blow northerne wynd
Blow, blow, blow

For hire love y carke ant care
For hire love y droupne ant dare
For hire love my blisse is bare
Ant al ich waxe won
For hire love in slep y slake
For hire love al nyht ich wake
For hire love mournynge y make
More then eny mon

My blond lady is so dazzlingly beautiful in her chamber
She is so staggering to esteem
This lady overwhelms me
A fair and gallant delight
I have never met
A woman of flesh and blood
Who could be more pleasant
In the whole glorious world

Blow northern wind
Send my sweetheart to me
Blow northern wind
Blow, blow, blow

Due to her love I am in grief and agony
Due to her love I disguise and wither away
Due to her love my happiness is gone
And I faint
Due to her love I become sleepless
Due to her love I toss and turn all night long
Due to her love I am sorrowing
More than anyone else