In Closing Testo

Testo In Closing

I’m a street motherfucker, from the I came,
Taste bleach, motherfucker, when you speak my name
I spent weeks giving old feis niggers the game
RIP to my nigger Pete, it ain’t be the same.
You leave a dog, get caught, back in the game,
Your fake friends cross you, look what happened to them
They say I look a little different, say what happened to Fame?
I may look a little different, ain’t nothing happened to Fame.
I was sacking, I was trapping, I was packaging cane
A reason had and it was slack, I used to practice my aims
Guess my aim is money, nigger, spending it as it come,
Fucking bitches and spending it when I’m done.
Letting my niggers hear when I’m done,
Fuck it, that’s what I get where I’m from
Filthy, with the skinny niggers clipping niggers
Don’t count shots, I put the put in niggers
Rocks in my pocket on a mission,
Getting, that snow like clack when I’m whipping it.
And I just got a line for the purposes
Shit, I’m on the line like the internet.
Upstage, sharpen my intellect,
Man, I could make a weapon out of anything
They gave me the game from a different league,
And I sell this down system suddenly.
Let me tell you about this ladder, stairway to heaven,
Have it like a mirror, mixing more and more jelly
Lately I’ve been rocking with my nigger real tell her
So if I’m getting money shit, we’re getting it together.
Getting it however, rap, trap, sky mask, whatever,
I’m with this shit forever,
And never not could reach forever, I ain’t dropping on whoever,
If I’m coming off of guard leave the sixty to a better.
My doc couple straight, stop copying if it’s wrapped up
Like no sir, they want that cheap on top shout outs
My young and real came here black pop up
Block off the offer and take a time off
Popping with the tank, get it chopping like the chef,
Helping catches breath, pop him in his neck
My diva say she love me when I’m fresh
Hate me when I’m zapped up, looking for some racks.
Although I left them zinnies alone,
Should I learn from my mistakes, but I rap from my regrets
If I ain’t got through what I went through
I wouldn’t have this to present to, the real niggers eating, no menu.
Bank account safe to be contend, get this, I hope this offend you
Sidebar, fuck every CO on state roll, and every nigger that told.