It'll Work Out Testo

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Testo It'll Work Out

Honey, grand, I’m off that,
I’m off that, I’m on my own shit, cause I’m the boss of that
And I ain’t gotta worry about a nigger crossing that
Cause if a nigger cross himself it’ll cross me mad.
So they will talk that money shit, I’m lost in that
I lost serve from nigger, I have to start from scratch.
Motherfuckers turn their backs and toss em scraps
I took the worst and made it work and then learned from that.
I took the words from what is worth, the boy earned his back
Check my rearview, they’re still where I left from at.
Gave myself a pat on the back,
Go Fame, we do the thing, we’ll be balls on that cake.
Different reas’, I can’t buy, why would you care
I was a fish out of water, now I’ve got an ocean to cruise.
The niggers caught like Ocean’s eleven,
TA takers, eat a dick, I’m a VA hater.

My cousin got another year and he’ll be home soon,
I just got a call from mom, she’ll be home, too
Hope and the focus is the way that I do,
Came home righteous with all the right ideas.
I was upstate praying, missing the block
Now I’m on the block drown, missing so much.
Shake to me chill is worry forever,
Concentration more than fame, get it together
This to me a vital way, it took the time out
To make all the do-outs for what’s a lame, though
I used to pray that me and wife will got back
She has a husband that care, I couldn’t give her that.
All I knew was the assex and low heads,
Club bitches to fit in, just in part of beds.
And then I ran and they be into that,
Makes a river my way and I will give it back.
Lying like boo, they’re just potential fans,
Big potential side jokes, called intentions plan.
Starring at this flash screen, full of tensions playing
Full like a lash, though it’s bittersweet.
I sort of feel like it’s bash and it’s bittersweet
If you can’t dig that, then you ain’t digging deep.
And everything is gonna work out fine.