Blinded Testo

Testo Blinded

Yeah, you turned me onFelt like I was bornInto a new life but now I am on my ownIt`s been a wild timeDidn`t see the sunshineNow I just like to be on my ownThink I`ve been blindedDidn`t realize me behindYour game changed my feelingsAnd gave me new wingsLike a bird I was sailingThrough the waves I felt saveIn your lovely armsBut I didn`t believeWhat I got to giveFor this emotional flightYou tried to shine on your lightOn me made me blindMy head I couldn`t find my soulYeah,i t`s been a nice dreamDidn`t wake up and I seemLoosing my mind left all of my life behindCouldn`t see clearlyKnocked out my brain nearlyNow I just like to be on my own