No Chance Testo

Testo No Chance

You may running through the rain fallsBut you won`t get wetYou may running through the stormBut it won`t blow y`awayYou may running through the sunshineAnd you won`t get redYou may running through AlaskaAnd you won`t get frozenYou may running and I sayYeah, you never got the chanceTo run away, to run away from yourselfYeah, it always hits youNow eat this yeahYou may built up your own house, yeahAnd you won`t get poorYou may work all day and nightAnd you`re still aliveYou may running and I sayYou may drink some bottles of whiskeyAnd you won`t get pissedYou may running and I sayYou never knowedYou never`ve seen yourself rightHave you ever rememberedYou`ve seen yourself neverHave you ever consideredYou`ve never been as blind as now