4 A.M. Robotics Testo

Testo 4 A.M. Robotics

The place he'd come to know is lost. the deals he made were double crossed.standing,watching in her doorway the hour is long, he cannot stay.

her cheek perched upon feathered comfort, he wishes just once to see the hurt. The softest skin, the silhouette, he can feel it now, with every breath.

but who are you, who are you to turn me off.
who are are you, who are you to claim the lost.

with buzzes and clicks he begins his march, away from hell, pain afar.
his dad will not see until morn, he has left this wretched thorn.
but who are you, who are you to fix me up.
who are you, who are you to let me go.

I am, I am

rusted stiff, midpoint of trek, he walks it off oil on his neck. Continues this road to the point in search, doesn't know where the f*** he is.

engine stopped turning over, the wishes filled, just enough. The spring expands one last time, did the dead...finished the crime

but who are you who are you to rip the nail.
who are you, who are you, who are you.

I am, I am