Sheer Grace Testo

Testo Sheer Grace

We've got the notes, we filled the boats, no one is getting out.

women and children we be the first to settle to the spout.

i don't see the words, i wont hear this time, i don't wonder how hard you seem to try.

but listen close, the thoughts are there, i don't see why we should even care.

I'll take the walls and paint it green with all the trees that lay between i said woah man, this is fear, i said woah man this sound's not here.
oh how this memory is fading, fading, way to fast.

he had a friend her name was grace, they didn't really know how long it;d last.

i sad no way, no way no way this is just taking up to much precious time.

but grace just looked at me and said that everything would be just fine