Don't Thank Me Testo

Testo Don't Thank Me

Woke up in a rage
Woke up in a rage

And I found my friend
Walking in the tired, cold rain
Walking in the rain

And all I want and all I know
I find it hard to let it show
And anyway
I know something you don't know yet

Feeling's gone away
And I'm missing it so
With a bitter face

Will you suffer me?
Will you find you're so lonely?
I don't know how you do

You're all I want, you're all I know
And like my friend, I'll let it go
You go forward, we go forward
Promise to do something right

Don't thank me
When I'm crawling back to you
I wanted to
Remind me
There was something there for you
That's something too now

Woke up in a rage