Oh Fine Testo

Testo Oh Fine

Love you lately
Though you drive me crazy
But I'll bet it's alright
But I'll bet it's alright

Well we entertain it
Well I'm ...
And the planets align
Girl, I'll make up my mind
No, no, not I

I don't have that sense
I don't see at all
I will write it down
And fight it out

We'll be fine

Put it beautifully
Girl, you'd say we've arrived
And you're coming alive

But it ended into this
We've been facing your fears
Now I'm neck-deep in mine
Thought I'd take back my time now

Only when I'm shaking
Then my time is taken
I will write it out
And find it out

All the way we'll make it
Always stop to hate it
I won't mind that I
Don't time it

We'll be fine