Alura Testo

Testo Alura

Posion by a kiss, the soft silence is so submissive behind the blandishment, your rose have vilified and withered crinsom petal lips, one taste can take it all away
la bella morte, I wish I'd asked her name before we danced despite your inviting beauty, you baneful kiss has killed you the struggle with temptation, always ended in your favor to curse my eternity, was your only one endevor I cannot back down from thisthese desires that I've bled for I will not give into this, the struggle with temptation you'll stop at nothing, to bring me down your cruel intentions have beguiled you and overbearing loss of worth your burning vengeance has misled your heart you have to chance your life back, to what it used to be you tried to bring me down, that was your one endevor you have to keep your head up, and break your loss of trust you'll never bring me down, your banefull kiss has killed you...