If I Tremble Testo

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Testo If I Tremble

I see the fear in your eyes. I feel the pain in your heart.
How can something so well put together be so torn apart?
You are the beauty I want. You are the angel I need.
I find the proof of god in every single word that you speak.
You smell like girly shampoo. I love when I smell like you.
Reminds me why I wake up

If I tremble at the sight of you, it's not because I'm cold.
It's because I'm staring at the girl I want to love me when I'm old.
I swear with all my heart; every word I write for you is true,
And I won't hesitate to give my all to you

You are the stars in the skies. You are the sound of the rain.
You are the strong sense of calm that takes away all the pain.
You are the rush of the wind. I'm just a man on his knees,
Praying to god to grow old with the girl of his dreams.
You've got my heart in your hand. You've got my hand if you want
So please love me forever

If I die before I wake, in the night just look above.
With every star that greets your face, I am giving you my love.

Deep in the still of the night, I hear your voice in the dark.
It fills the empty spaces taking over my broken heart.
You give me strength to go on. You rescue me from the pain.
I'm crazy for you 'cause your love kept me from going insane.
You stole my heart with one kiss. Embraced my soul with your lips,
And I'm forever grateful.