Lullaby Testo

Testo Lullaby

I wrote you a lullaby. I'm gonna try to sing it right.
Gonna try to make you fall in love with me tonight.
I'm gonna sing it soft. hope to god I sing it well.
My head's above the clouds but my heart's under your spell.

If you ever need a thing from me. you know I won't be far.
You ask me where I want to be and I'll show you where you are.

I hear the people talk. I just try to block them out.
While their lips are moving, mine are locked with your mouth.
So take my hand. I'll always try to make you laugh.
I'll sing this lullaby while my hands rub down your back.

Just call my name. I'll sing this song and watch you dream.

I don't have a heart. I gave it to you long ago.
I'm so in love with you, I just thought that you should know.