Boomin' Testo

Testo Boomin'

[feat. Money Militia]

She's booming
She's banging

She's booming
She's banging
Big... swaging
... some women you can trust but...
Cause she like it when I put it in her white pants
Got a whore... sex ass face
Flipping down the waist get it...
I told her treat me like a smooth hand
Drop it up and give us some hard boomin
She got go... her waist
And she know how to fix the hell...


Dance I got a body on her
The way she shake it... I wanna stop
I'm gonna pop... on her
I got explosion...
The way she's popping breaking your pockets
... second get high in that... I am feeling horny...
Man get it fine
If you are a nigger and if you want it
Stay in the line
She is boom
She is banging
Keep that money on the line


Get your bitches in the club
All the nigger watchin her
Every time she takes a step
All the niggers fallow her
Left turn... Gucci outfit
Boom bang
There she goes
That's a bad bitch
When she hits the floor
You know she's gonna clap that ass
When she touch the floor
You know niggers gonna pop the cash
Money ain't... where she get it...
If you wanna put one hundred you will probably...
Every time she drops that ass
Niggers will be like oh shit
Boom that's the definition when she hit the...
... when they hear them set the flow
You know she will be...