Stanky Legg Testo

Testo Stanky Legg


Bitch im wild!
Do the stanky leg (3x)
when I hit the dance floor.
I be-
Do the stanky leg (3x)
Bitch Im wild up! (repeat from begining)

Verse 1:

When I hit the dance floor, you know Im doin the stanky leg. (do it!)
Sauce on my ring (ay) then I rub it 'cross your head.
You an h boom cool chick you can do it too.
Jack your feet up in the air and check your Myspace too.
Now you can lean wit it,
now you can drop wit it.
You can switch to the other leg and you can stop wit it.
Now get it, get it (4x)
Now hit the booty do, hit the booty do (2x)
Now you can get wit it, you can get wit it. (2x)


Verse 2:

Now I cant focus watch me do like my bro (like my bro)
Stick your leg out, dougie fresh, and drop it low.
(bitch in the backround) Look i can can do the stanky leg!
Then go on let me see it.
Ro- roast up your weight and get slide next to me.(ay!)
Ay you better bang yourself cause I can tell that your hot.
I hope you wind it up, lean back and show your socks.
Dip. Dip. Then i want you to stop.
Do the booty do.
Lift it up and let it drop.
-And dont forget...


Verse 3:

When I slide through the place my slide goes walky but they digg it.
I stick my leg out on the floor and start jiggin.
Wiggly legs, watch me shorties drop it to your feet.
Do the stanky leg watch me step and grab my knee.
Now drop like a goon, but dont chicken noodle soup.
I want see you dropt it, shake that woop da dee doop.
drop that, woop da dee doop
shake that, woop da dee doop (2x)